My Brother's Keeper of Bethesda, Inc. - A Charity With Kids In Mind!
What We Do



 1.     Advertise name, benefits and email address of the program.
 2.     Receive "call for help" email or meet homeless in shelter, church and so forth.
 3.     In personal meeting, MBKoB personnel explain full program and helps with registration form.
 4.     If applicant agrees with the program despite relocation, conduct background check.
 5.     Conduct a match of skills on registration form with skills wanted for hire.
 6.     If background is clear, then provide applicant with free interim room and board, haircut, suit and footwear.
 7.     Assist applicant with filling out job applications.
 8.     If an offer is received, then notify applicant, describe job synopsis and location.
 9.     If applicant wants the job, then MBKoB personnel escort applicant to job location.
10.    If no offer is received, then explain the Job Placement Program (JPP) with MBKoB.
11.    If applicant wants a job with MBKoB, then applicant is provided with the training tool.
12.    The training tool determines the entry level (Case Worker, Supervisor or Executive).
13.    Job with MBKoB qualifies applicant for health insurance as a paid employee.
14.    MBKoB helps client’s family to reunite.
15.    Monitor Client’s job performance until first paycheck, then client is off the program.


The Transitional Program is designed to "house" the unemployable homeless in trailers, one trailer per church lot for participating congregations that wish to adopt a poor person.

The Job Training Program is designed to elevate the skill level of a head of household who makes below living wages and who is willing to be paired up as an apprentice with a local artisan.

The Foreign Program is designed to create jobs abroad, either by applying the philosophy of Job Recovery in foreign lands, or by establishing a building program on location.
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